Mechanism of Retail Plus especially designed to work as an organization to create a brand with systematic approach. Develop long term customer relationship with features like "reminder-setup (Auto SMS Technique)" Which makes both customers and business HAPPY.


During development of Retail Plus Software, our team mainly focused on costing point. Using Retail Plus, You don't have any need to purchase separate Barcode Printer for printing barcode tags. With Hi End techniques Retail Plus's tags are more than 98% cheaper. Saving your money.


Retail Plus handles stock Item wise, Article wise, Size Wise, Color Wise. Which is very important for success of any organization. Retail Plus's high end financial reports like Balance Sheet, Profit/Loss, Cash Book, Bank Book, Stock Summary etc. makes it a successful financial consultant.

Body Guard...!

Retail Plus helps control leakage of stock, alteration/deletion of entries. In addition wonderful feature of Theft Control keeps a check over returning unsold items. That means you can rely over the loyalty of your faithful staff. In this way Retail Plus protects and automates any organization